The Miracle League of Las Vegas

Advanced Prosthetics and Orthotics is a proud sponsor of The Miracle League of Las Vegas.

The Miracle League of Las Vegas is one of the most unique sports leagues in the country. They provide “differently-abled” children and adults in the greater Las Vegas community the opportunity to participate as authentic members of a baseball team, in an environment where their cognitive and/or physical challenges are not exclusionary. They provide a safe playing surface and able-bodied peer buddies so that our players have the opportunity to enjoy for the first time ever the physical and mental stimulation of America’s favorite past-time!

Their goal is to provide our “differently-abled” athletes the “miracle” of inclusion that comes with being a teammate in a sports program. And our special players, in return, provide fans, volunteers, and sponsors with a day of happiness and pure joy every time they take the field!

To donate or find out more about The Miracle League of Las Vegas please visit