Ocular Prosthetics



Most people prefer prosthetic eyes over eye patches and bandages. Also called a “glass” or “fake” eye, these artificial eyes are not actually eyes, but are instead a cover for your eye socket. They help improve your appearance after you lose an eye to injury or disease. They also prevent the remaining tissue from filling then entire eye socket if the eye was removed.
While they are not real, we still put our heart and soul into every ocular prosthetic we give our patients. We ensure each eye comes highly detailed to match your real eyes. We handcraft offer glass eyes for comfort and realism. In the end, they come out unique as our patients, both young and old.
Our prosthetic eyes come with oval, outer shell that matches the whites of your other eye and round, central, painted iris.
Prosthetic eyes do move, but not as fast as natural eyes. The irises do not react to light either.

Prosthetic Eye Surgery: What to Expect

After you eye is removed, our ocular prosthetic specialist will make a mold of your eye socket, which we will use to build your new eye. Depending on your situation, you may either receive a temporary prosthetic eye until we complete our work. Either way, we will get you your new eye as soon as possible.
After your surgery, your eye socket make change a bit. This may require some additional fitting and adjustment, but your new eye should last for years before you need a new one.
Finally, we will offer counseling and support for your new eye as you learn to live with your prosthetic.